Glanbia: Delivering better nutrition for every step of life’s journey

Siobhán Talbot, group managing director of Glanbia plc, gave a presentation regarding Glanbia’s three key components: Glanbia Performance Nutrition, Glanbia Nutritionals and strategic dairy partnerships. Siobhán’s presentation brought into focus some striking parallels to DFA, as the company has about 14,000 farmer-members with more than 6,500 employees supporting them, and they have a strong desire to provide quality, wholesome dairy products to a global community.

Siobhán admired this year’s Annual Meeting theme, Real People. Real Dairy., and she stated, “It is about real dairy; it is about real people; and it is about a sustainable supply chain blending the product you provide with the consumers and customers on a global stage.”

During her presentation to the Tuesday afternoon audience, Siobhán highlighted Glanbia’s global mindset for their growth strategy, as well as the concept that they have to “earn the right to grow.” While the Irish cooperative is the genesis of Glanbia, the company places additional emphasis on global strategic partnerships, and Siobhán shared how she is “very excited to continue the buildout in Michigan (a partnership with DFA).”

Closing with conviction, Siobhán said, “As an organization, delivering better nutrition for every step of life’s journey, will continue to be our mantra for growth.”