Chobani, better food for more people

Led by Jay Waldvogel, DFA senior vice president of strategy and global development, this conversation with Tim Brown, president and chief operating officer of Chobani, covered the history, current goals and the future of the largest manufacturer of Greek yogurt in the world. Jay and Tim also discussed the important role DFA and its members play in the brand’s future.

Chobani is founded in accessibility. Early on, the brand strived to provide better food for everyone. Tim talked about the benefit of a dairy-based diet and how good it is for the consumer. Chobani strives to get real dairy in the hands of more people. 

Building upon Chobani’s culture of innovation and progress, Tim discussed products the company is currently considering to push the market even further.

Chobani is also committed to growing future innovators. This dedication was made evident when Tim discussed the Chobani incubator program, which includes 22 startups that are innovating, disrupting and furthering Chobani’s mission of Better Food for More People. 

“You can’t know everything. You can’t see everything. You need partners,” said Tim regarding the importance of strong, reliable partnerships to food innovation.

The role of dairy farmers was also stressed as being key to the brand. Echoing the Annual Meeting theme, Real People. Real Dairy., Tim said it is vital to consumers to know that their products are coming from a real place and that those stories are told authentically.

“Consumers want brands that stand for something and have something behind it,” Tim said. “We’re going to tell the story of where our dairy comes from and celebrate that.”