Chairman’s report

Dairy Farmers of America’s Annual Meeting 2018 kicked off with the Chairman’s Report, given by Chairman of the Board Randy Mooney. Randy spoke to more than 1,600 members, staff and industry guests about the importance of uniting as a Cooperative, staying relevant in an ever-evolving global industry, focusing on our mission of delivering value to members as a true member-focused Cooperative and continuing to grow our strong commercial investments.


“We are connecting all our activities through the DFA brand. Building wider awareness of DFA and increasingly connecting our members — through the Cooperative — to consumers,” said Randy. “Using the DFA brand to clearly position and constantly reinforce what we stand for and who we aspire to be: A global food company owned by, and connected to, dairy farmers.”

Randy also reflected on years past and the challenges that drove the creation of the Cooperative: Fewer, larger farms; fewer, larger customers; a shift from regional to national; and globalization. Today’s challenges mirror those of the past, but Randy also identified new challenges our Cooperative faces today. He posed the question to members and staff in attendance that in the face of all these challenges, “What keeps DFA relevant?” He then proceeded with some insight on the subject.

“When we put this question to our Board, our Area Councils, our wider membership — the answer comes back consistent and clear. We must do more. It is not enough that DFA can survive, we want to thrive.”  

Randy pointed out that thriving requires consolidation of the U.S. dairy industry, aligning with our industry partners to develop sustainable, long-term markets and having solid commercial partnership models.

In these ways, Randy said, DFA stays relevant. “What we built has made DFA relevant. And where we go from here — now, more than ever — is important.”  

Throughout Randy’s report, he remained bright and future-focused. He told his audience —  members, staff and industry guests — that together, we thrive, and together, we stay relevant. He closed by stating how proud he is to be a dairy producer at the front end of a wonderful industry that delivers nature’s most perfect food to consumers around the world.